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Hand Crafted
Bird Houses

Made in Sheffield with Love.

About me and my bird houses…

Hi, my name is Lee Furness and I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire which is where I create these unique hand crafted wooden bird boxes.

You will often find me locked away in my workshop carving all manner of things into the night.

The bird houses I create are specifically made for blue tits. The holes are 25mm in diameter to encourage this species to nest safely and maintain their presence in the UK. 

These are beautiful Lee. I love the details and craftsmanship”

 Elaine Mitchell, Sheffield.

Mine is already up in the garden, Love it.

 Sarah Green, Harrogate.

“I don’t like it, I love it!”

 Freddie Rayner, Northampton.

What customers say…

I want one!”

 Jerry Kizza, London.

Just absolutely love your bird boxes!!!”

 Fiona Jensen, Bolsover.

Love your bird box, can I order one for home delivery?”

 Judith Randall.

Wow Lee!! Do you ship over to the USA?”

 Kellie Waddell.

Absolutely Amazing!”

 Shukeel A Chohan, Birmingham.

Buy one today…

Our Bird Houses are uniquely hand carved to order. They take around 2 weeks to complete and will be shipped to your door.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch on the mobile number below.

Normal price £69 including  delivery to mainland UK.  Special temporary lockdown price NOW £59 !

Product information

Our Bird Houses are approximately 35cm (Height) x 14cm (Depth) x 23cm (Roof width). They are manufactured from natural wood and treated for outdoor use. 

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Lee Furness,
149 Sandford Grove Road,
Sheffield  S7 1RS.

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07872 072340

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